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Vintage descriptions Italy

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2014 vintage

The quality was quite heterogeneous, good overall with peaks of great, but also with different criticality. The positive trend in the months of September and October have improved the quality, but could not turn the situation created previously due to unfavorable weather patterns.

2013 vintage

The quality was interesting, thanks to a maturation that, unlike the previous years, was gradual and distributed in time, allowing the accumulation of important substances, such as the aromatic ones in white wines and the phenolic ones in the reds.

2012 vintage

The year was characterized by a strong heterogeneity. Situation even more stressed in those regions and for those denominations in which the irrigation system was not widespread or accepted. Overall, the quality of the wine in 2012 was good with some, but very few, peaks of good to excellent.

2011 vintage

It could have been a great year. Unfortunately in the last two weeks of August and September, the temperatures pulverized all records and they have left their mark. Altogether the 2011 vintage for white wines was very interesting with peaks of both goods and excellent. Less for the red ones.

2010 vintage

The qualitative situation had shown a geopardized situation in overall Italy.
In the same region we had the good that has clashed with the excellent and the very good with the mediocre. Overall, the quality of production in 2010 was good with several peaks of great, but with the absence of excellence.

2009 vintage

Quality has been more evident in central and northern Italy, where, in many regions, the harvest was good with several excellent peaks. In the Center-South and the bizarre weather conditions, characterized first by high temperatures, then by rains of unusual length, has led to an geopardized situation, where the mediocre clashes with the great and the good with the discreet.

2008 vintage

The more than positive weather conditions experienced throughout the overall Italy in both September and October have extended the harvest period and allowed a strong recovery in terms of quality mainly in the Centre-North of Italy and in particular for those grapes harvested after mid- September. 2008 will be remembered as a vintage heterogeneous, but generally good with some great peaks.

2007 vintage

The bizarre weather pattern led, through thick and thin, to a mixed quality but overall very interesting for the early varieties. For the varieties harvested in the second half of September, excellent results was obatined with several excellent peaks. In the North the reds have reached the highest levels, with excellent aromas and exuberant charge of tannins due to optimum phenolic maturitation.

2006 vintage

In the Center-North of Italy the harvest is considered the best compared to the 2001-2005 ones.
A good harvest in general, with little numbers of quality peaks.

Despite the strange weather conditions a good month of September has restored a more than positive situation.