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Too often described as 'the next Tuscany', le Marche is just le Marche. Farmlands covering rolling hills, beautiful beaches and mountains within 45 minutes of each other. Tranquility and unspoilt rurality. Civilized medieval towns. Then art, monuments, churches, spirituality, spas, shopping .. delicious wine and food. What else!? It can be a place to retire, to have a permanent vacation or just to live!


We Marchighiani, or people born or living Le Marche, are closely linked to the land.
Life here is centred on the family and on self-sufficient communities of farmers and craftsmen, where the local market consumes most of the local produce.


Everyone strives to cook food just like that dish made by 'mia nonna' or by 'mia mamma'.
Cooking in Le Marche stems from peasant tradition.
Robust dishes that relie on fresh, top quality ingredients. All based on tradition and local produce. With each local area proud of its distinctive "cucina tipica".