• Rossano
  • Bianchello vineyards

Crespaia was established in 2011 on the slopes of the ancient Prelato (mountain), nestled amongst the olive trees and the rolling hills encircling Fano.
Despite its being a young establishment, it deeply cherishes and values its land and long-standing heritage.
In Italian, the name Crespaia calls to mind the rippling creases of the sea (crespe – increspature) and the farmyard (aia), the latter being a place of encounters and exchange, and ideally combines the energy they both emanate.

Rossano owns a Software house and if you ask him why you wanted to produce wine, the answer is quite obvious if you get to know him : “Developing software you materialize ideas that are useful to people but this does not produce any empathy. You can talk about it with insiders. While the Wine gives you the opportunity to express your creativity, to confront with the nature, to learn how to appreciate and respect the environment.
The wines is ‘easy’ and let to stay together with people”

  • Where: Fano - Center North of le Marche
  • Estate: 10 ht unde vines
  • Grapes: Bainchello, Sangiovese
  • Cultivation: Organic certified (from 2017)
  • Web: www.crespaia.it