Verdicchio experiences at Collisioni 2015

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Drummond_Jamies“The Verdicchio session opened my eyes to the breadth of styles available, and there were some gorgeously textured examples that I was particularly impressed with. ”

“I feel that amongst the Canadian Sommelier community the Verdicchio grape is due for a serious revisiting. Not only is the grape capable of producing some wonderfully delicious wines, but the value for money there is not something to be overlooked. I think that some re-education will be required though. as too often it is thrown into the mixed lot of “other Italian whites” where it is so easy for it to get lost and/or overlooked.”

Jamie Drummond – Canadian sommelier, wine consultant, and writer who acts as Senior Editor and Director of Programs for Toronto not-for-profit Good Food Revolution

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Gurvinder_Bhatia” Verdicchio has the ability to be the next white wine from Italy that is broadly accepted by the mainstream. Producers should work together on a plan to market quality Verdicchio to the influencers in key export markets.”

Gurvinder Bhatia – Wine editor per Quench Magazine ed editorialista sul vino per: Edmonton Journal, Global TV (Canada)

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Nam_ClaireWhat about Verdicchio Tasting?
It was the most fascinating session for me and I was thrilled to discover more about Verdicchio and taste many top quality wines from the Italy’s best Verdicchio producers. Now I fully understand why Ian D’Agata said Verdicchio is one of the top Italian white grape varieties. ”

Claire Nam – Giornalista per, Corea

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Predhomme_WillWhat about Verdicchio Tasting?
“Again, one of my favourites. These were mineral tinged whites, all expressive for their own reasons. The difference between altitude-grown examples was amazing. The versatility with this variety is exceptional. I purchase these for personal consumptions & can do so for a very reasonable price.”

Will Predhomme – Sommelier, produttore, consulente per ristoranti, esperto di mercato mondiale del vino – Canada

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Morgan_KathySo in this case, American consumers’ pre-conception of Italian wines is one of the biggest difficulty?

Absolutely, it’s a challenge. That’s why I said that the story about Sack of Rome by the Visigoths cross the Apennines loaded up 40 mules with barrels of Verdicchios is great. Like one day somebody said to me in a restaurant if I have any Pinot Grigio, I will be like yes, ‘But I also have Verdicchio. Have you heard of it? No, never heard of it. Well. It’s complex, versatile, age-able. It’s an amazing Italian white wine and the King of Visigoths during the Sack of Rome…’ And they are like, ‘Oh, wow, I would like to try that.’ So stories like that help a lot and that’s one thing I don’t know if producers understand that. Maybe to them the story is normal – not that interesting for them maybe if that’s the story you heard all your life. But there are so many stories of the families, of the regions, of the history that we can tell to make people really want to try it.”

Kathy Morgan: Master Sommelier, docente e consulente di vino, direttrice Sommelier al ristorante Range di Washington DC – USA

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Garner_MichaelWhich of the wines you’ve tasted you think could get more interest in your market/country?
Verdicchio: it’s potentially one of the world’s great white wines yet so rarely gets the attention it deserves- in the UK anyway!

Michael Garner (UK) Scrittore e giornalista di Decanter

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