2016 Harvest notes – Marche

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2016 Harvest notes – Marche
from Assovini (*) Report released Beginning of September.

General situation – Italy
The 2016 is in general expected to be a very good vintage.
The harvest started around one week later compared to the previous year but in line with the standard average of the past years.

Total production is expected to be 5% less than 2015 but with a inhomogeneous situation (varying from -15% to +10% in different regions) .
Minor production was mainly due to millerandage (small green berries that did not develop to full berries) and presence of powdery mildew and downy mildew favored by the rain.

The quality of the grapes were excellent all over Italy.

Following a fairly dry and mild winter, the 2016 growing season started with a rainy Spring and early summer

The ‘real summer’ started around 21 of June characterized by warm days and large thermal excursions.
These conditions favored a perfect grape ripening process with a great accumulation of both aromatic and polyphenolic compounds.

The end of the harvest was delayed due to intermittent periods of rain in September but with no negative effects on the grapes.

Marche region data
In le Marche region we have:

Quantity: 5% less compared to 2015 harvest
Average production years 2006/2015 900 hl
Average production years 2011/2015 915 hl
Production year 2015 959 hl
Forecasted Production year 2016 910 hl

In April 2016 frequent rains and fresh temperatures have delayed the vine growing season.
The budding was anyway one week earlier than normal, while the blooming was hampered by different rainfalls. Color change on the red grapes, mainly Montepulciano and Sangiovese, started a bit later than normal.

The variable weather conditions during the start of the growing season mainly affected the winegrowers in the center-south part of the region. In particular Montepulciano and Passerina vines were hit by blight on both grapes and leaves, with different intensity in the various sub-zones.

The fresh summer, the cool night temperatures and the frequent cloud cover has delayed the ripening period by 7 to 10 days, compared to the previous year.

The harvest started during the last 10 days of August with the picking of the early-ripening varieties used for the sparkling production (Pinot Nero), followed by Incrocio Bruni and Chardonnay.

Harvest for the white grapes: Trebbiano, Passerina, Pecorino, Verdicchio; started 7-10 days later, around 10 / 15 September.
For red grapes, harvest also was delayed by at least 10 days, generally not beginning until the last week of September.

In the end, although the harvest was delayed by some early and late season rains, the final result appears to be excellent! The grapes show great acidity and with very good aromatic and polyphenolic compounds.

Vintage 2016 is expected to produce wines with great balance, lovely aromatics and remarkable freshness.

Production will be 10-15% less than 2015 in a few areas, and a bit more than 2015 in other areas. Overall, the Marche expects total production to be about 5% less than 2015.

Extracted from the forecast published by the Italian Oenologist association at the beginning of September – assoenologi.it.
Final notes / evaluations should be available within weeks.

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