Bio Viticulture – Marche

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The Biological Viticulture is more and more a great reality in Italy.
Based on the 2015 data published by the SINAB (Sistema d’Informazione Nazionale sull’Agricoltura Biologica), the Italian viticulture either following the Bio practices or in Conversion phase represent the 13% of the total surface under vine (data from ISTAT).

The situation in Le Marche is even more important.
Using the same data le Marche has 4120 ha either Bio certified or in Conversion phase out or the total 15400 ha under vines in the entire region.
This means that the 27% of the viticulture is following the Bio rules.

The trend for the Bio penetration in the region is given by the following chart that shows the numbers of Bio ha over the last 6 years.


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