2017 Harvest notes – Marche

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2017 Harvest notes – Marche
from Assoenologi (*) Report released on 28 August 2017.

General situation – Italy
The 2017 was an abnormal season. Frost in April (when a lot of vineyards had sprout) and a long drought period that hit almost all over Italy (except few areas in the North).

Few notes to summarize the season and few forecast.

Heterogeneous all over Italy due to the strong heat waves and the consequent drought.
The quality goes from good to optimum with few exception of top quality thanks to fresher areas, areas less exposed to the sun or areas where irrigation is allowed (in extreme conditions).

A first estimate gives an average of 25% less in respect to the 2016.
To date (28th August) the total Italian production is expected to be around 41 Mil hectoliters of wine.
But these numbers will depend on the weather of the coming September and October months. If the very much desired rains will not arrive the situation can get worst.

Quantity: -25% less than 2016.
Total expected production 2017: 710 HL ( average production 2012/2016 is 958 HL )

Winter was mild with repeated rains.
The spring was warmer than usual and again with repeated rains.
At the end of April the reagion was hit by a frost that was mainly evident at the valley bottom.
Both June and July were hot and dry above the average of the past years. Strong heat waves pushed the temperaturs and max values above 40 °C as never in the past.

The different phenological phases were anticipated as well as the veraison the the ripening.
In some areas vines underwent water stress and the ripening stopped.

The grapes are very healthy.

In the most exposed (to the sun) and with less water resources areas the berries are little, the white grapes have more phenol and the red one show higher sugar content and less phenolic ripening and less mature tannins.

Harvest have been anticipated of at least 10 days and the harvest, unless important rainy events will happen, will be short and completed fast.

In some areas the harvest to produce the sparkling wines started at the end og July and ended in the first 10 days of August.

The harvest of both Pecorino and Verdicchio started after mid-August and will continue through September.
The Lacrima grapes will be harvested on the beginning of September while the Montepulciano will probably start around mid-September through beginning of October.

Wines are expected to have a good alcohol level with very good quality and excellent results in the fresher areas.

source Assoenologi – Extracted from the forecast published by the Italian Oenologist association on the 28 August – assoenologi.it

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